POZ Playlist: Wanderlust



PropertyOfZack is continuing a new string of Playlist features from individual team members to highlight specific feelings or desires. Next up is titled Wanderlust by Ali Killian. 

Check out our Playlist, let us know what your favorite songs on it are, and listen to these songs on Spotify while reading along below!


Traveling is a thing that a lot of people like to do. I am included in that group. I don’t get to travel as much as I would like — I’ve never even been out of the United States — but one day, hopefully, I’ll have enough money and time to see the world, meet lots of people and broaden my perspective. But for now, I must settle for what the American media and my fortunate friends tell me about foreign places.

Traveling and touring are the aspects of being a professional musician that fascinate me the most. It would be awesome to get paid to drive around the country or fly around the world to play songs because people enjoy hearing them. And then to get to meet those people would be even better. I think a lot of musicians would agree.

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GWAR Announce New Frontwoman ]


The new lead singer of GWAR is Vulvatron.
Meet Vulvatron, a spiky purple Amazon whose massive (prosthetic) breasts occasionally shoot geysers of blood out onto her hapless audience. Vulvatron is not dancing, or breathing fire, or keeping the slaves in line (though one assumes she’ll be adept at all three). For the first time since the departure of dancer and backing singer Slymenstra Hymen (Danielle Stampe) in 2000, GWAR has a female member, and she’s the frontwoman.

Laura Jane Grace Talks With The Huffington Post ]


Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! recently sat down for a video interview with Marc Lamont Hill for The Huffington Post.
"I started playing in a band when I was 19 years old and started touring heavily, and that swept up a big chunk of my life and it was really easy for me to compartmentalize certain parts of myself and not think about certain things," Grace said. "Then it all built to a boiling point where I had to address what I was going through in order to continue to survive as a person."

At the end of each day, I write an “atomic sentence,” a single statement that summarizes the most vital lesson about that day.

At times where I flail, fumble, and otherwise seek a signpost, these sentences have helped — personal lifelines indicating a larger story. Each day, an atomic unit in a living network.

- I love Liz Danzico's idea of ending each day with an “atomic sentence,” inspired by Richard Feynman’s one sentence to be passed on to the next generation.  (via explore-blog)
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